Top 6 Best Care for Your Bald Head for 2020

These days a lot of men are getting their head shaved. It is one of the most beautiful hairstyles today. After getting shaved, some of you think that it is not necessary to use any shampoo or moisturizer as there is no hair on the scalp. But it is not so. Even you need to take more care of your scalp to protect it from harmful elements such as the harsh rays of the sun. Below is an exclusive list of some best products that will keep the scalp clean and well hydrated.

Daggett and Ramsdell Bald Head Lotion

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It is specially formulated to deal with razor bumps, razor burns, and in-grown hairs. Daggett and Ramsdell is a super lubricating lotion used for shaving tender scalp skin. Made with active ingredients, this lotion maintains the balance of the scalp and keeps it healthy.

No alcohol has been added to it to prevent the burning of the minor cuts. Use regularly to get better results.

Ancient Greek Remedy Oil with Vitamin E

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Enriched with four natural ingredients, this moisturizer works best for a bald head. Not just the scalp, it is very effective for the face, skin, nails, and feet. The four natural ingredients include sweet almond, grapeseed, extra virgin olive, Lavender essential oil, and Vitamin E.

This moisturizer works best to restore moisture after sunburn and sun damage. You can apply it to deal with dandruff issues, dry, flaky scalp, chronic scalp itch, etc. Whatever be the problem, Ancient Greek moisturizer is an ideal one to apply.

Organic Lightly Scented Bald Head Balm

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The wonderful feature of this balm that makes it the best moisturizer for black bald head is that this balm is handmade. Yes, you read it correctly. It provides shine, moisture, and softness to your scalp. Formulated with cocoa butter, this moisturizer balances the skin tone.

Moreover, it contains Argan oil, which is undoubtedly suitable for hair care. This balm is also ideal to use on other parts of your body. (more…)

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Dipping powder is not something new to the fashion world. Compared to conventional nail polish, dip powder manicures last long. The improved formulas and the exotic range of colors, like LDS dip powder color, has made it the favorite of women worldwide.

Let us now explore some insider secrets to a perfect LDS nails manicure. These tips can be of immense help to women, especially those new to the dipping powder manicure.

Sanitize your hands well

Though experts recommend sanitizing your hands before your dip powder manicure, one should refrain from using much water. Dip powder does not interact well with water. Excessive moisture can, at times, result in an uneven shine. Using a lint-free wipe is a better option. (more…)

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Top 5 Best Tattoo Equipment for Beginners 2020

Tattoos are a work of art. The work done is intricate and sometimes complicated. The artist wont want to mess up the body of trusting customers and thus there is need to practice. There are others who just have a passion for the craft, they too will require the perfect practice equipment. Here is a comprehensive list of the equipment that one might need to learn the craft!

Ebanku Tattoo Practice Skins

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This is a realistic canvas that is made to help you perfect your art! This practice tattoo skin is meant to replicate the way the ink and the needle should be used on the human skin for practice purposes or building a portfolio. It has a similar feel to human skin and creates the experience of tattooing on real skin. To have a better experience, this practice skin can be attached to various body parts so as to get acquainted with various curves on the human body! This is the best tattoo practice skin out there.

Pirate Face Tattoo Pre-Sterilized needles

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This is a set of needles to use for tattooing. This set is ideal as the needles come pre-sterilised for you which ensures that they are safe for use. There is a wide range of needle sizes included like, 3RL, 5RL, 7RL, 9RL, 5RS, 7RS, 9RS, 5M1, 9M1. Whatever you need to do, you have the right needle with you! To add on, these needles come with matching rubber tube combos!

Dragonhawk Complete tattoo kit

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This tattoo kit is an economical way to practice the craft. It makes the art of learning how to tattoo cheaper and there is no need to waste expensive ink on practice skin. Instead this kit comes with 10 different shades of ink that (were made in the USA and are thus safe for use) can be used on the practice skins that come with this kit. This kit is made for beginners by experienced tattoo artist with basically everything one can possibly need to get the complete tattooing experience! (more…)

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Long nails sometimes look great, and some manicure lovers fancy them a lot. If you are used to having long nails or wish you had long nails and wondering how you can take the salon technique to the comfort of your home, you can use the faux tips to transform your nails to achieve the length that you desire. The beauty industry is rampaged with numerous myths and misinformation about using dip manicure to apply artificial nails. You do not have to worry because we will guide you in your journey towards using dip powder products such as SNS, Kiara Sky, OPI, ANC, and DND gel polish to make your artificial nails using faux nail tips.

When to Use Faux or Artificial Nail Tips

When Your Nails Are Broken

Nail breakages are very common among manicure lovers. At one point, you find yourself growing long natural nails that make you feel like you are on top of the world, and then a simple mistake breaks down your pride. The painful feeling made professionals from the beauty industry to come up with artificial supplements for natural nails. Waiting for the natural nails to grow back to the desired length might not be an option. When this happens, just go for artificial faux tips and attach them to the broken nails, and you will look as elegant as before.

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Pregnancy-safe is the trendy word these days that is gaining importance among pregnant women, due to the harmful effects of chemical-filled cosmetics and skincare products. The more penetrative the chemical is on your skin, the better results it gives, but during pregnancy, it means the opposite. The more penetrative the product is, the more damage it causes. So, be wise to choose the right products suitable to you and your baby, ensuring safety for both.

oily skin body wash

You need good body washes or best pregnancy-safe shampoos to wash your body and hair. And these are the products you need daily and use them a lot. Hence, they have a considerable effect on you like the skin pores, and hair follicles are open doors into your body for the chemicals they have in them.

If your skin is oily and you need an oily skin body wash, then you need to be extra careful as the oily skin products contain more chemicals. These are not particularly suitable for pregnancy as they work on cells directly, and they have higher chances of causing congenital disabilities.

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When you look in the mirror, are you dissatisfied with your hair?

Does it feel dry and brittle?

Do you have split ends, or is it breaking off?

With all the heat-styling and chemical treatments available today, it’s all too easy to fry your tresses.

But hair grows quickly, and it can recover.

Even if it’s thinning, it can get thicker.

Here are six simple tips to help your hair recover its strength and shine.

Step one: stop whatever you’re doing

The first thing you need to do to repair your hair is to stop damaging it.

I realize that your color will fade, your curls will straighten, and your frizz will come back.

That’s all right because it’s only for a little while (1).

The idea is to let your hair relax, and your follicles get back in the rhythm.

No extensions, no braids, and no dreds, okay?

It’s time to pamper your locks and your scalp.

There are ways to make up, to some extent, what you lack in the meantime.

For example, dry shampoo can pick up the slack.

There are tinted best dry shampoos for brunettes that can mask your roots.

And leave-conditioner can restore luminosity to dull strands and bounce to curls.

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Looking at your immaculate nails after spending few hours in a salon can be one of the best feelings in the world. But after you see the hefty price tag that you have to pay for, your feelings can change immediately. Avoid having that mix-emotions by doing your own nails at home. DIY home manicures will not only let you save money but it can also ease your stressful mind. Playing around with colors and design will surely relax your mind especially if you are the artsy type.

On the other hand, a lot of women are skeptical when it comes to doing their nails on their own mainly because they chip within days of application. For this reason, several brands are now starting to come up with products that offers long-lasting salon quality manicure.

One of these trends is the SNS dipping powder. This is a much better method of doing home manicure because it is long lasting and unlike gel polish, it doesn’t use UV light to harden.

What is a nail dipping powder?

In a nutshell, the difference between a gel polish and nail dipping powder is longevity. Many customers who have used it have sworn that it last twice as long as a gel polish. Compared to the gel and acrylic powder where you need to paint streaks of liquid to the nails, dip powder works the complete opposite. The color is produced by the pigmented powder as you dip your nails in the solution. Because of this, the results are almost flawless and close to that of a salon-made.

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Studio 129, located on Glendora Ave in the heart of Glendora Village, is a full service hair salon offering a full range of  services for men and women. Our stylists are experienced and trained on the latest hair styles, color treatment and cutting techniques.

A warm, friendly atmosphere, we specialize in creative coloring and up to the minute hair styles that compliment your face shape, skin tone, lifestyle and individual look.

We cater to Wedding Parties, Anniversary, Prom and Special Occasion Groups, in addition to offering make up services.

Call to find out more.

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