Safe Ingredients for Cleaning Your Body and Hair During Pregnancy

Pregnancy-safe is the trendy word these days that is gaining importance among pregnant women, due to the harmful effects of chemical-filled cosmetics and skincare products. The more penetrative the chemical is on your skin, the better results it gives, but during pregnancy, it means the opposite. The more penetrative the product is, the more damage it causes. So, be wise to choose the right products suitable to you and your baby, ensuring safety for both.

oily skin body wash

You need good body washes or best pregnancy-safe shampoos to wash your body and hair. And these are the products you need daily and use them a lot. Hence, they have a considerable effect on you like the skin pores, and hair follicles are open doors into your body for the chemicals they have in them.

If your skin is oily and you need an oily skin body wash, then you need to be extra careful as the oily skin products contain more chemicals. These are not particularly suitable for pregnancy as they work on cells directly, and they have higher chances of causing congenital disabilities.

What Are The Pregnancy Safe Ingredients?

Shea Butter

The rescuer and the safest organic ingredient of many pregnancy safe products. When used in body care products, it gently moisturizes the body and deeply nourishes the skin cells.

When used in hair care products, it coats the hair with a protective layer and traps the moisture and prevents the hair from breaking. During pregnancy, hair tends to dry out due to hormonal changes and becomes brittle. Shea butter restores the moisture and keeps them healthy.

Coconut Oil

Its effects are long known, and Asians swear by its anti-inflammatory properties. You can use it directly or as an ingredient in a product. Application of this oil to your body before bath gives it a smooth texture and forms a protective anti-inflammatory layer which fights of infections causes on the skin surface. When you use it for your hair directly before washing, it conditions your hair and gives strength to the roots.

When the soaps, washes, shampoos, or creams made of coconut oil are used, they have the same effect and give you the benefits of natural oil. It has another attractive property of lightening the blemishes. Your skin is prone to blemish during pregnancy again, a game of hormones. You can get rid of the spots using coconut oil products.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has been used in its raw form before it took the shape of gel, soap, cream, or shampoo. It has a magical effect on the skin as it works like a tonner. It is better than the unsafe normal, best oily skin body wash as aloe vera products help in controlling the oil secretion naturally.

It is being used as an ingredient in shampoos as it offers protection from dandruff and keeps the hair shiny.

Avocado Oil

The Avocado oil containing products are suitable for both skin and hair as they contain Vitamin D, E, and potassium, which are essential. Most of the best pregnancy-safe shampoos contain this ingredient as it has all the vital nutrients for hair growth.

Apart from the store brought products, you can also try natural ingredients at home like below.

  • Egg: For hair to make it smooth and supply protein
  • Yogurt: For hair to condition it, for the body to moisturize it
  • Olive oil: For hair to get essential vitamins, for the body to make it smooth
  • Fenugreek: For hair to give it a voluminous look
  • Chickpea flour: For the body to get rid of dead skin
  • Honey: For hair to moisturize it, for the body to fight infections

Be safe! Be happy!

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