Dipping Powder Nails with Tips Tutorial

Dipping powder is not something new to the fashion world. Compared to conventional nail polish, dip powder manicures last long. The improved formulas and the exotic range of colors, like LDS dip powder color, has made it the favorite of women worldwide.

Let us now explore some insider secrets to a perfect LDS nails manicure. These tips can be of immense help to women, especially those new to the dipping powder manicure.

Sanitize your hands well

Though experts recommend sanitizing your hands before your dip powder manicure, one should refrain from using much water. Dip powder does not interact well with water. Excessive moisture can, at times, result in an uneven shine. Using a lint-free wipe is a better option.

Safety is paramount

Dipping your nails into the powder is an exhilarating feeling. However, it can create a cloud of airborne dust that can settle down on clothes, skin, furniture, and tech gadgets. Have a damp towel handy to take care of this dust. Inhaling dip powder dust can be risky, as well.

Stay away from oil

Oil tends to form a thin film on the nail and prevents the dip powder from bonding with the nail. Hence, using a nail bonder or a dehydrator is a better option before you apply the basecoat.

Shake well before use

Dipping powder is a mixture of different chemicals and colors. They tend to separate over time. Shaking the jars well before use can help these particles to mix and bond together. An alternative is to store these jars upside down and let gravity do its job.

Get the basics right

Experts advise the use of quality products like LDS dipping powder. Before jumping into the color aspect, applying the basecoat is crucial. It is advisable to leave out 10% of the nail area near the cuticle. It prevents smearing your cuticle area with polish and causing a smudge job.

A fine coating is recommended

Many people have the wrong notion that a thick coat ensures longevity. On the contrary, a thick coating can lead to uneven surfaces. The basecoat and topcoat should be as thin as possible. Besides enhancing the quality of the manicure, it is easy to remove.

Slow and steady wins the race

Basecoats contain a reactive monomer known as Ethyl Cyanoacrylate. It is a bonding agent. Hence, you should give some time for the compound to absorb the dip powder. Rushing into the activator process can end up hardening your brush. The activator cures the color coating. Hence, it could also cure a brush if it contacts a wet basecoat layer.

Avoid multiple dips

Beautifying your nails is one aspect of a nail manicure. Ensuring proper sanitization is another. As multiple people dip their nails into the same container, it increases the risks of spreading infections. A good option would be to remove the necessary quantity of dip powder in a separate container and dispose of it after use. It goes a long way in preventing cross-contamination.

Wipe your brush after every use

The topcoat can dry quickly. Hence, it becomes essential to wipe your brush clean after every application. Otherwise, the dip powder could stick to the bristles and contaminate the product. It can also pose problems in reusing the brush later on.

Use your activator carefully

The job of the activator gel is to harden the powder and seal the LDS dip color. Applying excessive amounts can cause a few hairline cracks in the enhancement. Such nail manicures look awkward. Therefore, the expert’s advice is not to overdo the activator.

Clean the nail edges to avoid a smear

Your nail has a small area. It is natural for some powder or other components to spill over the edges and settle down on the skin. It is advisable to clean these areas and keep your skin around the nail free from polish. The right way is to use a thin and dull file. However, you should be gentle with its use. Otherwise, you could end up ripping off some powder from the nails and leave a smudge.

Do not be afraid to experiment

Dipping powder is the easiest medium for experimenting with nail art designs. Give your creativity complete freedom and experiment with an astonishing array of colors and designs. LDS dip nails is available in a fantastic spectrum of exciting colors. Make full use and beautify your nails to the maximum.

Go easy on the drying aspect

Dipping powder polish does not take much time to dry. There is no need to use the UV lamp or LED lights for curing the polish. It is also essential to avoid direct air currents, especially from an air conditioner or fan. The topcoat could wrinkle.


We have discussed some of the most beautiful tips that could lead to a magnificent nail manicure. Use quality products to get a heavenly experience.

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