How to Apply a Dip Mani with Faux Nail Tips

Long nails sometimes look great, and some manicure lovers fancy them a lot. If you are used to having long nails or wish you had long nails and wondering how you can take the salon technique to the comfort of your home, you can use the faux tips to transform your nails to achieve the length that you desire. The beauty industry is rampaged with numerous myths and misinformation about using dip manicure to apply artificial nails. You do not have to worry because we will guide you in your journey towards using dip powder products such as SNS, Kiara Sky, OPI, ANC, and DND gel polish to make your artificial nails using faux nail tips.

When to Use Faux or Artificial Nail Tips

When Your Nails Are Broken

Nail breakages are very common among manicure lovers. At one point, you find yourself growing long natural nails that make you feel like you are on top of the world, and then a simple mistake breaks down your pride. The painful feeling made professionals from the beauty industry to come up with artificial supplements for natural nails. Waiting for the natural nails to grow back to the desired length might not be an option. When this happens, just go for artificial faux tips and attach them to the broken nails, and you will look as elegant as before.

When You Want Longer Nails

Some people desire to have long natural nails, but growing them might not be possible. You can use faux tips to enhance your nails and make them look more elegant. They can be worn for several weeks, and their comfort is unmatched. They also give you a natural and light look. With faux tips, you can add instant length to your nails for everyday use or special occasions.

When You Want To Stop A Nail-Biting Habit

Faux nails do not just add beauty to your nails, but they can also be used to curb a biting habit. If you are trying this approach for the first time, this article provides you all the instructions to follow for the best results.

Collect The Supplies

The availability of essential supplies determines the success of every process. Interruptions amidst a process may ruin everything, and this is also a common thing in manicures. Ensure that you visit the nail supplies store and acquire lint-free wipes, a clean fluffy brush, a DipWell kit, nail adhesive, and artificial nail tips.

Attach Nail Tips

Before applying or removing any nail polish or enhancer, properly wash the area under the nails, fingertips, and the whole hand. Keenly follow the provided instructions to prep the nails, and on the edge of the natural nails, apply the first step bond. Also, small quantities of nail glue should be applied to the faux nail tips to facilitate their attachment. However, you should avoid the sides. Attach the faux nails on the natural ones and press them for a few minutes until the glue sets. The desired length of the nails is then achieved by trimming the faux nail tips. At this point, you can also file the nails to get the desired shape. Use a 180 grit buffer to buff the entire nail to come up with a rough surface where the dip powder products are applied. Be gentle and avoid over buffing, which might thin the natural nails. Cuticles can also be gently pushed back from the nail plates using the buffer.

Begin The Dipping Process

Before you begin the dipping process, apply enough first step bond at the line where the natural and faux nails meet and the entire natural nail. Work on each finger at a time for the best results. Proceed to apply the second step bond from halfway to the natural nail up to the faux nails’ free edge tip. Dip the fingers immediately into the base and finish essential powder.

Follow The Standard Dip Steps

After dipping ten fingers, wait for the powder to the second step base for about 15 minutes. Dust the excess powder from the fingertips and nail surface using a fluffy brush. You can add another layer of step 2 base and repeat the dipping process for better retention. However, you should ensure the bond gets closer to the cuticles while avoiding it from touching the cuticles to prevent lifting, resulting in a shorter lifespan.

Choose Your Color

When you finally get an even layer of base and finish powder over the entire faux and natural nails, follow the provided instructions for applying color or French pink and white dip products. Eventually, you will have a long-lasting manicure that makes your nails glossy and gorgeous.


If you figured that you have a nail-biting habit, have broken nails or fancy long nails, faux nails come in handy to remedy your fouls. Besides, they leave your nails looking chicer than you have ever imagined. We will be there for you in your entire journey to perfection.

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